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Cyber Security Assessments

RNT Cybersecurity Team supports organizations of all sizes in addressing the dynamic cybersecurity challenges and compliance requirements. Assessments will be conducted using industry best practices and following the protocols identified in the National Institute of Standards and Technology SP 800-53A. There are multiple activities in the assessment which will result in an Assessment Report.

External Vulnerability Scan

Identifies any vulnerabilities seen from outside your network, i.e: what the hackers see.

Internal Vulnerability Scan

Identifies internal vulnerabilities which might trigger from inside the client network.

Internal Policy Review

Ensures a valid, written Information Security Plan is in place and in practice.

Roadmap to Compliance

With full evaluation completed, a written plan for compliance will be developed detailing steps to be taken to help ensure compliance and to eliminate risk. This plan is reviewed in a joint staff with the RNT team, your IT team and operational staff.

Risk/Vulnerability Assessments

This technical assessment defines, identifies and classifies security holes or vulnerabilities in a computer, network or communication infrastructure.

Process Assessments

These assessments follow the vulnerability assessment with an in-depth review of documented processes and practices which support compliance and minimize vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure Assessments

These assessments include assessing multiple aspects of an organization such as: mission, vision, staff, regulatory restrictions, current state and desired/required strategic state.